Carif 320 BSA

Carif 320 BSA



  • Robust basement structure in steel powder painted with bright and smooth finishing
  • Bow structure in special aluminum alloy hardened
  • Patented Hydraulic system for a fine regulation of bow feed and cutting pressure
  • Blade motor 1,1/1,4 KW; 38-76 m/1’
  • Miter cutting -45°/+60°; bow rotation throught conical bearings indipendent from the plans for piece support
  • Electrical cabinet easily movable for the best ergonomics
  • Wide Plans for piece support for a comfortable and practical cutting area
  • Complete coolant equipment of 50 lt. tank with electro-pump 3ph. 0,1Kw inside the basement
  • Measuring device L=500 mm with height regulation
  • Large chips container for easy cleaning
  • Bimetal blade M42 mm 3025x27x0,9, cardboard box + pallet, service wrenches, instruction manual and spare parts list



All CARIF models 260/320/450 are completely Hydraulic:

Closure of the vice, bow feed and pressure. The Carif hydraulic patented system has been designed with 2 commands: BOW FEED and CUTTING PRESSURE.
Thanks to this system the blade regularly descends, with a constant auto-regulation for every material type, section and thickness.

  • Increased productivity: No operator during cutting cycle, Ø stops.
  • Always straight cut: Auto-regulation of blade-stress based on material hardness and section.
  • Longer blade life: Slows down the bow descent without straining the blade when worn out.
  • Easy to use: Practical, simple and ergonomic operations.
  • Fast cutting operations: Fully hydraulic cycle. More efficiency.