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M42 Bandsaw Blades

Bi-Alfa Cobalt M42

The Roentgen Bi-Alfa Cobalt Bandsaw Blade has HSS M42 cutting tips. The high wear resistance of the metal band saw blade results from the very hard and evenly distributed carbides in the tooth tips, formed during the hardening and tempering process.

The martensitic structure of the cutting tips and high cobalt content create excellent hot hardness and toughness reducing wear rates at high sawing speeds. With a steel backing strip containing around 4% chromium, the saw blade can withstand the considerable flexing stresses, tension and blade guide pressure present in modern saw cutting machines.


We can supply any length of bandsaw blade with various teeth configurations.

1/4" wide up 2"

Tooth Pitches from 2/3 - 3/4 - 4/6 - 5/8 - 6/10 - 8/12